Where’s G~? Spreading love!

Hey everybody!  Welcome to the “Where’s G~?” series of blog post!

Meet G~my in tune, in touch and meditated gnomey. One of my sources of inspiration.  He usually sits on my desk.

G lives in the now.  G knows that love is all there is.  One love. One light. For all people.

G meditates regularly. As we all should…

His motto-

“Once the hippie’s free…you gotta let it be…”

Never know when or where he will pop in and say hello and share bits of wisdom.

We took time for a photo opp one beautiful day a bit ago in Lexington, Kentucky in front of the picturesque bluegrass horse farm owned by Johnny Depp.  We stopped by the day after the auction. If only to dream!  It is a gorgeous piece of property.

A small secluded  cabin in the woods is more my cup of tea, but plenty of space here for gardening…my husband’s tinkering…etcetera, etcetera…

It’s extremely close to Keenland if that rings your bell.

You can check it out here

And! Great news!

It’s still up for grabs for those interested in the horse farm, per Page Six the property bids only reached 1.4 million (significantly under the price desired of 2.9 million).  Read about it here

I hope Johnny gets the price he wants on the farm. Love his work.  I’ve been a fan since the original Nightmare on Elm Street and 21 Jump Street.

Is this a good time to put out into the universe how awesome I think it would be for Tim Burton to do a movie about gnome folklore with Johnny???

Also, is this a good time to mention how much I would love to see “Wicked” series by Gregory Maguire (one of my ALL time favorite authors!) brought to the silver screen by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp…of course?

Oh yes, I’m a  Tim Burton fan too!

Anyone??  I can’t be the only one who would love to see these movies made…

This has been my offering of love and happiness for today! A short light-hearted post! Thanks for joining me!

I’m getting some really good questions from you guys.  I plan to respond to readers questions in a blog post in the near future. Keep them coming!

Happy Saturday, sending you all love…

Travel safe this holiday weekend- carry thanksgiving and gratitude with you all year-long, not just the fourth Thursday in November.

Be the change.


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