What Lights your path?

With a bird’s eye view I looked down on the lush green valley, darkness of darkness filled the valley and it was cold, I knew I had to cross. Surrounded by tornadoes and every imaginable storm closing in on the valley.

Such darkness. Not just dark as night.  It defies accurate description, yet the greenery stayed radiant… in  a techno color spectrum.

Fear began to rise in my being quickly giving way to resolve that I would pass through.  I have light for the trip. Within me. I knew I would pass through intact.

Love and gratitude light my way and guide me through giving me inner strength for my journey.

I prepared to take my trip through this cold dark place. Reassured that the light would see me through and guide my way, step by step. As quickly as the fear appeared it was gone and what remained was an inner peace beyond my understanding.

The sun will shine again, blue skies will return.

That was my dream at the start of 2017.  I have those often and journal them along with my thoughts, inspiration and introspection.

Retrospect look back on 2017, for not only myself but those who have been with me during these times, I would say that the message is significant to say the least. The intent of this blog post is to share my light with you for difficult seasons you are facing.

Early on in the year my brother had a massive stroke.  His recovery is long and a lot of hard work.  So grateful I am that he has good support.   Doesn’t hurt that he is a strong man himself with unlimited determination!  He is a former Navy Vet and served on the USS Memphis.  A bottom dweller in the ocean. Not something I can say I would raise my hand and sign up for.  Undoubtedly it takes a special kind of person to be able to go down in a submarine for long periods of time. I’m proud of him.  Proud to call him MY brother.

Just last month, my husband and I found ourselves in Tupelo, MS for nearly the whole month as my dear sweet angel of a mother in law passed.  My husband is an only child.  It was just us.  There wasn’t anyone we could call to help.  We wouldn’t be anywhere else either way.  We learned to function quite well sleep deprived! Honestly peace, reconciliation and love kept us going and functioning. It was a sad and difficult time but so much to be grateful for in their reconciliation.  She was able to enter fullness of peace!!

Mother and son had only recently reconciled, in person as a matter of fact while she was in the hospital for the last time. Though they had been talking on the phone.

Both he and I have and will continue to go through a lot of personal growth and development together.  Self reflection and introspection is important! You have to do this and make necessary adjustments to your sails if you really want to BE THE CHANGE. He over came those obstacles that used to keep him down. So did I. I’m proud of my husband! Sadly, it was obvious that some felt it their personal responsibility to convey their disapproval of his presence in subtle ”southern” fashion. One of them was not so subtle.  I handled her 100% in love and planted a seed that will grow.  They disregarded that Mother wanted her son there and was just as happy and grateful for his presence as he was, and I was.

Healing happened.  The miraculous happened.  It’s not for anyone to say how and when that should occur, or how it should look.  Divine Providence does not need approval from others to work through love.  Divine providence is not going to get your thoughts on how healing should look.

If you think you know how a miracle should look.  You will miss out. Honor love when you see it in action. Nurture yourself and let love grow in you. And give it away to others! It will return to you!

Remember that saying about casting your bread upon the waters…

For those few I just mentioned, I send my love and keep them in my thoughts and prayers.  They have not yet come to a place in their life to appreciate the big picture or how love works.  Maybe someday they will reflect back on this time while their friend lay on her death-bed and the magnitude of gratitude for what happened will spring up in their soul.  Healing them as well.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”  Wayne Dyer

I refuse to let bitterness take root and dim my light.  I did however see the need to shine light on this because this situation is not exclusive to them.  It plays out everyday in so many ways around the globe.  I myself have been guilty in my past of holding a person’s past against them and had people hold my past against me.  I have a past, you have a past, we all have a past.  It’s human nature.  I am long since reformed. And maybe just maybe, I acknowledge  this was a working off of some of my karma. I handled it with grace, love, and tact.  That’s why I send them love.

I only know one person with a clean closet, my dear mother.  She is an absolute saint and an angel.  She got me through this difficult time and supported all of us in love and prayer.  I can only hope to be the woman she is someday. She is my rock.  I don’t know what I would have done without her. Can’t even fathom it.  I am so proud to call her MOM.

The helpers (Mr. Rogers)  we are told to look for showed in glorious fashion too during this difficult time, we are grateful to them.  Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers that their cup will perpetually run over with blessings upon blessings!  We will continue the trend and continue being helpers ourselves! That’s one of the ways love works.  Action on our part.  Service to others.

My lovely daughter is a busy little bee.  She is finishing up her bachelors degree in pre med this year and flying and traveling all over to med school interviews. She has been offered acceptance to some excellent schools but hasn’t made a decision yet.  And! She started a successful blog in the midst of all her chaos!! Love and gratitude are lighting her way!! The force is strong with this one!!! I’m so proud of her!! Truly grateful that she is my daughter and she’s proof our Creator smiles at me.

There were other events in 2017 but those two were the biggest highlights for my family.  And I know that I know that I know, it’s love and gratitude that light my path every single day.

I hope my sharing has been helpful to you! We are all human and in this together.  We are all so connected in ways many just haven’t realized yet. It’s time to realize our collective connection and conduct ourselves accordingly.  Let’s be kind to each other. Do no harm.  Won’t cost you anything.

The moral of this blog post:

If you find yourself having problems navigating the dark stormy valleys of life then self reflect.  Tune into love and gratitude. Adjust your sails. Live in the present moment, NOW.  That’s where peace and inner strength come from.

All you need is inside you.  You just have to tap into it.

“Now is where love breathes.” ~Rumi


Until next time…sending you all love!


Let love and gratitude light your path…




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