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(Welcome back!! Thank you for returning!  Much love and gratitude for all the shares, likes, and follows across social media!  This message is for you, me, all of us. )

Today’s post is the first in the “Solutions” series of blog post.

Focus Separation of Church and State

I’m not diving into an essay on the historical dialogue or trying to get a game of hot potato going.

This post isn’t a revival of the debate either, but a meaningful contribution to the dialogue that a growing number want to have happen.  A resolution.  A meeting in the middle.  Common ground.

When addressing a situation that needs change and reformation, bring a solution to the table.  Continuing to speak the problem and rehashing it brings nothing of value to the table. It just widens the divide and polarization. Turns into parroting the same non productive dialogue over and over.  You end up in the echo chamber.

 Bring your solutions to the table instead of your arguments.

One’s opinions, beliefs and views quite simply cannot be forced on another.


We each have the freedom to say what we will.  Freedom to have your say does not absolve you from the consequences of the words you said.  Everything is energy.  Words are powerful tools.  It behooves us all to choose them wisely.

Speak life. Speak peace. Speak the solutions.  Be a peacemaker.

Regarding prayer in schools and public places:

How can all religions, no religions, atheist, agnostic, etc. be accommodated?

Can’t be done, you say…

Yes it can.

Instead of prayer or a moment of silence.  How about a “moment of gratitude”?  One can use that moment to just simply be grateful.  Or say their prayers if they choose and in accordance to their faith.  In this manner no human being has forced their beliefs on another or had another’s beliefs forced on them.

Gratitude is a common theme in every religion and valued by all regardless of religious affiliation or non affiliation.

If we collectively move to have moments of gratitude, what could there possible be to argue about?

Who is going to argue their rights are violated by gratitude?  Nobody.

I believe regardless of walk of life, as we come together in gratitude, more and more people will open themselves up to love and gratitude.

We don’t need more cowbell, we need more gratitude.

Ripple effect.  That simple.

It’s a good place to start.


Be grateful now, because now is all there is…start bringing solutions to the table.  We are drops of water. We are the ocean

My closing words on gratitude

I’m overwhelmed and in awe of what I witnessed this weekend. Truly honored to witness love in action.  Miracles are real people.  They happen everyday.  I’ll write about it someday but not today.  My husband and his family need your thoughts, prayers, and love.  Sending my love thoughts and prayers back to you…

Love always wins.

Infinite love and gratitude



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