Shine together!

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Earthquakes rattled the globe last night that left our brothers and sisters grieving the loss of loved ones and devastation in its aftermath. Send them love, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

We nationally observed of Veterans Day over the weekend. My grandfather (rest in peace), father, and brother served in the armed forces. I’m grateful beyond measure and proud to call them MY family. Send love to all members of the military who have served, are serving and will serve. Do not take their service for granted. Countless numbers come home from service with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wounds that may take years to heal. They need our love, thoughts, good energy and prayers!

Financially support relief efforts and organizations that give support and love to our brothers and sisters during their times of need!! Your dollars also extend your energy and love! Show your love!

Children need to be perpetually kept in our thoughts and prayers.  Send them all love everyday!!

Service to others

I started a tweet thread over the weekend for this post. There is so much going on in our lives and the world around us, there will be no shortage of need for love, well wishes, good energy, light and prayer. There will also never be a shortage of love to send! We are unlimited power houses and reactors for love and light.  The Light will not go out. We can take that to the bank!

The purpose of this post is to outline guidelines for using the new request for prayer, thoughts, light, energy,  and love page that will reside here at the top of Elsie Bea Speaks – see also pinned tweets on blog Twitter account: @elsiebeaspeaks , my personal Twitter: @rgrasshopper, and my professional profile/LinkedIn Twitter: @lora_cde . I will also be creating a post and upcoming community on the blog Facebook page:
You will also be able to make request on “Shine together” post via Instagram @elsiebeaspeaks

I’m open to collaboration on the Facebook community/group for the Elsie Bea Speaks blog page!! Whether the number is one, two, two hundred, one thousand, or one million matters not one bit!! Intention is powerful!! It reaches!! It is your Faith that makes you whole. Faith is energy. Faith is that light within you. Within all of us. It is LOVE.

We are shining the light. Turning the lights on in a dark room so we can see and move around more efficiently. You each carry the same light, the same love, the same energy. It’s what connects us.

The page will be called “Shine together, make your request made known!” and will be parked at the top of the blog landing page with the “About Me” and “Faqs”.
I’ll leave commenting on this page open but will still have comments go through moderation to keep spam filtered out.

Leave your request on this page, tweet a reply in one of the threads on the accounts mentioned above, add it to the upcoming Facebook post with this blog post, or add it to the IG post for this entry- whether it’s comfort for a loved one, unspoken, a personal struggle for you or a loved one, or if you just want to give the world a hug and share the love that is right on too!!

We need each other. We are connected. We know to do better and we must.

• This is a call out to one and all to offer their thoughts, energy, light, and prayer-LOVE, to those in need. Everyone is welcome!
• Above all, respect the beliefs of others in this space. This space is not contained to one religion, ideology, belief or group of people. We ALL love. PERIOD. This space is for all of humanity.
• While I myself enjoy lively discussion and debate, this space is not the place for debate of any kind. Absolutely no discussion of “whose beliefs are right and whose beliefs are wrong.” No politics. No evangelizing or attempt to convert. Feet will find the path to walk by love, gratitude and light. Trust the process, everyone is different. No bashing the beliefs of others. Remember, those you think are wrong have a sacred book also, and have lived devoutly according that text just as you feel you have to yours. Others who may not adhere to writings in one of the main sacred text may have a more sophisticated understanding of science and how energy works than you do…perspective, it’s all about perspective. I promote the big picture, birds eye view of things with this blog. The similarities between organized religions may astound you if you venture to research the commonalities! And then pull the science in! WOW! (More on this in future post!) Nutshell: Just make your request made known if you have one… Simply send love, keep the request in your thoughts and prayers in the way that you are accustomed. That’s all!
• If you make a request, PLEASE DO return with an update!! Share progress and resolutions! Let us celebrate with you!!
• Unfortunately, it is anticipated negative comments will surface. Send them love. Don’t engage. I’m not going to engage negativity. Period.
• This space is very simply about sharing love, good thoughts, energy, light, and prayers with our fellow brothers and sisters. To lift one another up in love.

How to engage the requests and “Shine Together”
I send all my connections (both in person and across social media) love every day. I pray their cup runs over with unlimited gratitude and blessings and their eyes see all there is to be grateful for and initiate the process of paying it forward. Randomly compliment those around you, smile, buy the coffee for the car behind you at Starbucks! (Thank you for the cup of joe kind Sir!! I paid it forward too!!) Anything that comes to mind, just spread love and happiness. Doing so you help turn the lights up, not only for you but for those around you!
When I see a request on social media for prayer, love, etcetera I usually give it a heart reaction on Facebook and/or share it too, like it/RT on twitter and IG and/or comment. If I interact with it, I have paused to send my love, good thoughts, intention and prayer to the situation and concern mentioned. 100%.
Bringing our candles together to better light the way with love and gratitude!
 Connect with me across social media. If you’re interested in working with me just message me either on Facebook or email me:
 Like, react to, RT, comment, share and interact with request that are posted, not just on my accounts but wherever you encounter a request for love and prayer.
 Send love, good energy, light, good thoughts, say prayers as you are accustomed. All will be honored! Whether it’s a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu prayer or simply a comment to acknowledge that your sending love and keeping the situation in your thoughts. It’s all love.
 That’s all!

Don’t forget to send love or say a prayer for other request as you make your own known.

Love is the greatest gift given to each of us regardless of beliefs and walk of life. This gift is given to all of humanity.

How are you using the gift?

Let’s shine together…help each other.
Infinite love and gratitude…

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