Recommendations for reading and links

Check this page often I’ll be updating and sharing books and authors I’ve read and found helpful along the path: 

Books and Sacred Text:

Native American Spirituality

Bible multiple versions


Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Apocryphal writings

Book of Mormon

Tanakh, Talmud



The Lost and Forbidden Books of the Bible

The Sutras

Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita


I Ching

Tao Te Ching

A Course in Miracles

The Book of Urantia

Law of One material

…and a few more…

The texts above illustrate my path to where I am NOW in a nutshell.  I enthusiastically  recommend studying text of other faiths.  Understand what other people believe and why they are as passionate about their point of view as you are your own.  I don’t claim I am an expert on all of the above books.  I do however, have a good understanding of concepts and will be highlighting common themes on this blog.

My armchair study interest:




History and Anthropology

Space and Exploration

The Human Condition


Energy and how it works

Commonalities between ideologies -> gratitude, peace, charity, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self control and LOVE.


Links to Authors, Sites,  and People I love:

 I Declare World Peace

Carolyn Myss

Marasu Emoto

Bruce Lipton

 Alan Watts

Pema Chodron

That Nich Hanh

Jack Kornfield

Michio Kaku

Carl Sagan


(Google Rumi, one of the first pics you see looks like Leo DiCaprio! Striking.  Random,  but anyone else see it?  Wink.  More on reincarnation in upcoming post!)

Closing thoughts~

No doubt, some of you will ask “why not degree in one of them”?  And I really gave it serious thought! (My degree is in nursing.)  So much to read!! I couldn’t narrow down which one I wanted to degree in, so I spent untold hours reading, studying and contemplating the mysteries of life.  All the while, completely unaware I would one day launch out into blogging.  It’s my starting point for big plans! And you are all included!  I came to the point of bursting before I took the plunge in blogging.  I’ve always written here and there, never published before.  Never shared my writings with others.  Until now. My pastime Musings.

I tell you now though, if I held it in, one more day and not shared, the very stones would cry out.

I have an insatiable hunger and thirst for truth.

I’ve spent most of my life on the quest to know.

The more I learn the more I realize I really don’t know anything at all.

Thank you for your interest in this page.  Honored to hold space with you in love and goodwill!


(updating soon with more  authors and links)


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