Let’s do this! TGIF 

I’m here to change the world.  You are too. For better or for worse we all contribute to the current world condition. 



In an energetic big picture sense, imagine a mirror reflecting back at us…humanity. Every thought, word, deed and intention is a powerful force. Energy. Reason why sacred and religious text warn about words of your mouth, our deeds towards self and others and attitudes of our heart. What goes around does indeed come around. Everything is return to sender. No one is exempt.

Some think changing the world an insurmountable task, CHANGE WHOLE WORLD. When you understand how this is accomplished the simplicity of the “Be the change” message rings loud and clear. 

It’s you. It’s me. We are the change. It has been all along. YUP. SURPRISE!! Again, it all comes down to energy. I’ll elaborate more on this topic in future post. 

Sounds simple enough, right? We all just act better and treat our fellow man better and “abbra cadabra!”, the world is changed and we have peace on earth.  So why do we all not just do it? 

There are various reasons “why”…we are on the very cusp of world transformation! It’s happening NOW. 

I’ld like to look at one of the primary reasons interfering with the process. When we understand, we can no longer judge. After all…aren’t we really lashing out at something we think objectionable about our selves when we judge others? Think about it. 

Hurting people, hurt people. You always hurt the ones you love. (Heads up…I love to play clichés…there’s a reason for them…they are TRUE!) 

[ Before proceeding any further, I have to inform you my dear reader whom I am grateful for that in my “about me” I explained I spent hours upon hours pouring over scientific, philosophical, sacred and religious text of every kind looking for answers. I may from time to time mention text from a variety of sources but I claim allegiance to no religion. I believe in God, Creator, Great Spirit, Source or Force for my Jedi friends- whichever term you prefer. Bear with me. Take what resonates well and nourishes your spirit. Let’s just agree that Love is Law.] 

Back on topic. 

Why? Why don’t we just behave and live and treat others the way we want to be treated? 

Short answer: Unhealed wounds. 

Trust me. I’m one of those people who use to walk around with gaping wounds ready to pounce anyone who even dared look at me wrong. In some ways I am ashamed to admit my former bad behavior but at the same time I am infinitely grateful to share that I was…because I overcame! I healed! 

Please…ask me HOW! 

I’m going to go ahead and tell you and many reading already know what I am about to say…nutshell version for now:

I did the inner work. I didn’t shrink back or shy away from it. I looked in the mirror and took a good long look. I’m better for it. Better everyday and now helping others on the healing path.  I beg all humanity to take the journey to heal! 

I learned to love myself and truly love others.

I forgave MYSELF, and others of everything. 

I see myself in others and others in myself. 

The inner work must be done. There’s no avoiding taking ownership of your life and actions. Technically you can avoid it and many have, but what’s the end result of self denial and shifting blame? A life of being triggered, drama, inner turmoil. That’s what. 

Thanks for reading & TGIF! 

There’s so much more to follow.  The urge to stay up all night every night writing is strong but the post would be too long. I’m pacing myself and sharing a little at a time.

You have my gratitude for all the reads, clicks, and shares! 

Remember- Love is the key. Use it. 

Love yourself so you can fully love others. See yourself in others.  When you do drama and division ends. We are seeing it now with Harvey and Irma. People drop division during times like this and come together…seeing themselves in others. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. Don’t just quote it…LIVE IT. 

Let’s do this! <Fist bump>

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