Deep Dive into the Internet of things

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The internet of things!

Sounds devious…it can be…

It is so much more than all the nifty devices we have connected to it wirelessly, allowing us to connect to each other wirelessly. If there is NOT a movie about it yet…there will be. Mark my words.

We are connected in ways and to things our grandparents never imagined in their lifetimes. Bluetooth everything, wireless for all. My husband has grill that is Bluetooth capable to an app that will let him control the temperature from his recliner! How did we get by without all these conveniences??? Are all these creature comforts necessary? Really necessary? Think about it…

But this post…this post is not about how we are loosing our connection with each other for the conveniences of wireless tech…nope. This post is about the internet in general though. My Op-ed offering to blogosphere.

Thanks for returning with me. I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you see what my mind has to offer today.
Shall we begin?
I’m ready~

The “world wide web” in reality connects us to one another, without ever logging into a device. It’s all energy. An energetic web. Entanglement.
This post is reminding us how intricately connected we are to one another.
We always have been, always will. Somewhere along the way we forgot how connected we are, now we remember and put our best foot forward, move forward in love and gratitude. In Sacredness of life.
When I talk about the internet of things, what I myself am really talking about is our online presence and how we put ourselves out there on the web. The world needs this content in our collective consciousness right NOW. Yes, I have spent a significant amount of time thinking about this after a salty 2016 POTUS race. I realized my hands were dirty. Yours probably were too. At the conclusion of that election cycle I had a eureka moment.
I’m grateful for epiphanies!

I’m a Twitter fiend. I love it. It’s my go to for everything. Real time. I don’t subscribe to news services. I simply check in on Twitter. However, what we saw as 2016 closed and it still comes up in conversations here and there was the rise of “FAKE NEWS”. Presented to us like it’s a new phenomenon. It’s not. Media scripting has gone on as long as we have had media. Image crafting. Altering public perception. It was just showcased loud and clear in 2016 and brought to it light.

This post isn’t even about “fake news”. What this post is about is what the “fake news” brought out in us. All almost all of us. What I’m shining a light on is our reactions. We were shown  the mirror to look at ourselves.

Here’s why:
What an individual post on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Craigslist, email, messaging and every other site that allows posting and exchanging of content is an extension of themselves. What energy, emotion, and intention goes into making the content gets released with the content…good, bad, or indifferent. I had a soul-searching time reviewing my content. I got sucked into the vacuum. The biased speech of my post out weighed the good. It’s all energy. Intention. Be brutally honest when you think of everything you’ve set free on the www. Are you proud of it? Let that sink in a moment. I’ll wait…

I’ll share my experience and revelation:
I once was blind but now I see.

(If you have released things you were not proud of because it was negative…don’t beat yourself up. Time for introspection, soul-searching, change. Forgive yourself and others. We all heal…move forward in love.)
In preparation for this post. I as per my usual, I spent time on Twitter…observing. I’m a watcher. I came across an account that seems to have had the same “eureka!” moment I did. They have a good tweet thread pinned to their profile that spoke what was on my heart too…resonated strong!
This user was so kind to give my blog a shout out. (Shout out to mutha_bee) I liked and strongly resonated with what I found in their timeline and obtained permission to write about their tweet. For it was a realization I had come to as well. Maybe you already have too? (Never know when I might approach you to write about you in my blog ~ wink). Content is all around us. Let’s put good content out there, uplifting and edifying content. Building each other up! Let’s motivate each other with our content. Content is king as they say…is your content a just and loyal king or a dictator?


Elephant in the room:
Anonymous users. Not using a real name with a real face attached to an account. Bear with me before you yell at me….please. Thank you.
I perceive that anonymous accounts under handles combined with negative thought processes makes it easier to be negative and put negative content out there. It can give way to cyber bullying. And that’s a big black mark in my humble opinion, should be in everyone’s opinion.
There is simply no room for hate in our world, cosmos and existence. I’m speaking to both sides of every opinion, party and platform. Religions, I’m speaking to you too. No one is guilt free here. All have the power to change though and turn things around.
The world and the earth we inhabit and call home is a beautiful place! There is more good in humanity than bad. The world is changing for the better EVERYDAY, open your eyes and take it in!! Release gratitude and love! The future is NOW.
I believe there are fewer and fewer bad apples. The bad apples are healing too!
Still stumble on one here and there? The bad apples always make themselves known eventually. Just avoid. I believe someday they will find their way to healing. These are the one’s to target with love and good intentions. Help them find their way.
(Remember, hurting people hurt people. Doesn’t necessarily make them a bad apple. May all find their way on the path to healing and becoming whole.)
I used fake news as an example for this post, but the thought I am relating with this post spans every kind of platform and site and interaction.

Think about this:
Focus your intention on yourself in this moment of NOW , the space you hold on earth, in your family, on your job, including your ONLINE presence. Evaluate what you see, honestly.
Are you proud and at peace with the “things” and intentions you’ve released into the universe? Your intention, your energy?
NOW, think of the beach and the tides…you’re standing on the beach…the tide of your energy and intention goes out and likewise the tide of your energy and intention comes rolling back in to you.

Do you like what you have put out into the world?

I’m not telling you not to make waves, there is a time and place but check your intention…be sure you are ready to receive back what you have set in motion.
Remember, everything you put out is return to sender, GOOD and BAD. It’s all energy. Energy never dies.
Issues absolutely need to be taken up and discussed, find the solutions! What I’m saying is there is a right and a wrong way to engage meaningful dialogues…it all comes down to intention and energy. Something done in love and with good intention is always more well received than something done with negative and malicious intent.
I have lived what I am talking about. No one jumps for joy when the need for tough love arise.  I certainly don’t. But I have had to delivered tough words after thoroughly checking myself first because I saw the person in a way they were not yet able to see themselves—perfect, whole, and divine. Sometimes we need that person who will tell us like it is in love…not just tickle our ears. I’m that person. When the need arises.

Back on topic…
I certainly value the appeal and in fact have had accounts under an alter ego handle myself. I created my blog twitter account when I launched Elsie Bea Speaks  and took the leap of faith. I have a personal twitter since approximately 2009 or 2010, if what I write resonates with you and you would like to connect their also, let me know and I will gladly connect with you! We are in this together!
I’m an introvert to the core. My circle is small. I like it that way. I love and respect all but my trust goes to very few. I can mix and mingle at social gatherings with the best of them. But my circle remains small. For good reason. Empaths understand.
I’m not advocating for an end to pseudo accounts. If a user has an account under a pseudo handle, and they put out good content. Let’s promote them! We can have lively discussion and debate without going to the dark side and spewing hate. If on the other hand they are up to nothing but straight up trolling…where does that benefit anyone? It doesn’t and it won’t ever. It’s NOT a conversation if all that is being parroted in their content are two-way insults. It’s just destruction. That’s bad use of intention and energy, and once it’s released…SURPRISE…it’s on it’s way back to you like a boomer rang.
Peace makers to rise up, speak words of life, love and healing. Let’s flood the web with love and positive intention!
Take heart…your follower count makes not one difference. Intention is a powerful force, it will reach regardless of follower counts on your pages. Your voice matters! (wink)
Follow that through to the space you hold, on earth, in relationships, family, on the job. Smile at those you encounter. Give kind words. You know…be the change…not just quoting it and adding it to your profiles, but living it.

Humans are suffering,  human rights are being violated. All deserve the same rights. This is what keeps me up at night. How can I  be the change even more tomorrow?

Don’t focus on differences, focus on melding together as one. In peace. For humanity.
I’m looking at you in the mirror,
You are looking at me in the mirror,
I see you in me. You see me in you.
We are we
I am you and you are me
We are I and I am I…
Hold that thought until we meet again. Be inspired and encouraged to let love flow to you and those around you…

Darkness is as ash when the light shines on it…

Love won.

Infinite love and gratitude.

~Elsie Bea



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Internet of Things to be used in 1.9B devices by 2020

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