How to Tame Your Dragon (wink)

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I LOVED the movie and since we are talking about self improvement and personal development on this blog, “How to tame your dragon (wink)” seemed like an appropriate use of words. I love dragons and yet still haven’t had the time to pile up and binge watch GOT. It’s on my bucket list of things to do, to be marked off another day. I’ve wanted to watch it since it released but just never find the time…just too much going on. Sigh Someday…until then GOT just be cool in the que and I will get to watch eventually. I’m too busy at the moment changing the world. Paying it forward.
So far I’ve talked a bit about “why?” so much negativity in the world around us. I’ll be going into more detail as my blogging continues. (By the way…I really do believe the collective negativity on the world scale is on the decline- more and more are clicking with “be the change” everyday!!! Not just quoting it, we are living it.)

I’m sharing a few things I did for myself that had a huge impact on my frame of mind, still do! No looking back! These are simple things you can implement into your daily life and transform it into a peaceful life. Also, understand dear reader that counseling from a professional can be an extremely useful tool for healing as well. Do not hesitate to seek the services of a licensed professional to assist you with dealing with the traumas of life in a healthy and meaningful way.

Positivity, Optimism, Good Vibes
Stop beating yourself up with negative self talk. You made a mistake? It’s ok. We all have!! I have made plenty…PLENTY!! What’s important about mistakes is that we learn the valuable lesson attached to each of them. The world is our classroom. I will not ever stop learning and neither should you! Love yourself and show yourself some love. Receive the love shown to you also! Many struggle with receiving. It’s a two way circuit, let it flow openly and sincerely in all humility two ways. Let’s get our channels for giving and receiving healthy shall we?

Start purposefully looking at positive content. For this reason I LOVE TWITTER!!! Twitter is my go to for news, weather, sports, traffic and many other things including inspiration. You can make list on Twitter, these list can be public or private, however you choose. Find the users and content that you find uplifting, follow them and add them to your list. When you check in for news and weather browse your positive self improvement list and allow the seeds of self love and personal development to be planted, grow, bloom AND bear fruit in season!! Start sharing inspiration and motivation. Share the love, spread that stuff everywhere and put it on everything!
Receive the love I’m giving you with this blog post. 😊

This is the number one practice I added to my daily routine in 2012. In the beginning my practice was hit or miss. I went through some things and momentarily got away from the practice, but I always return to meditation first and foremost. In fact, when it feels like my life train is at risk of veering off tracks I usually find I haven’t been meditating regularly as I promised myself I would.
Meditation saved my life and sanity. Even if all you do is 5 minutes of breath work a day, just let thoughts come and go, no need to entertain them, just release and get lost in the breath, the moment, the now. You will be better for putting this gift to practice in your life.
The are many forms and practices of mediation. Research them and find what works for you and nourishes and enriches your soul. Sacred and religious text talk about the importance of meditation. Buddha and Jesus understood and were disciplined in their meditative practices.
Try out an app to help you get into the habit of meditating. I like insight timer myself. It can be found in the google and apple app stores.
Meditation is for you. It’s a gift you give yourself. It’s an act of self love and appreciation in my humble opinion. I’m profoundly grateful for the healing of my soul and spirit that are a direct result of meditating.

Get off your butt and get moving. Running was another crucial part of my healing. I like to couple meditation with activity. I have received some of my most profound answers during a jog.


This. Is. Huge.
I am going to make every attempt not to go too far down the rabbit hole with this one. Many a rabbit hole have I investigated in my life, but this one is crucial to being the change we want to see in the world.
We all have opinions. We all know how the saying goes about opinions too! I believe there are actually three sides to every situation. The opinion of each side, truth may be found in each side, and the reality.
I googled reframing and here is the definition from the medical dictionary, :

Changing the conceptual and/or emotional viewpoint in relation to which a situation is experienced and placing it in a different frame that fits the “facts” of a concrete situation equally well, thereby changing its entire meaning



I challenge you to really try to understand another’s perspective. Especially if it is something you are passionate about that has significant opposition. Don’t give in to divisive language and actions. Now is a time of coming together, working together for the betterment of humanity. Let’s show the best we each have in us. Let’s make the conscious decision to be the change we want to see in this world and LIVE it.

The Dragon
I used the term dragon and chose to name this post “How to Tame Your Dragon” because I believe a duality exist with in each of us. I remember the days my “inner dragon” was out of control. I am especially fond of the Cherokee two wolves proverb. My dark wolf has ran the show of my life before, and I didn’t like me. I didn’t want to be around myself or even love myself or understand what it meant to love yourself for that matter. It all goes back to doing the inner work. We are all different and the ways in which we become our best self will vary from person to person. Find and do what works for you….Just do it.


Love is the key.  Use it.

Until next time-

Infinite love and gratitude to all

~Elsie Bea




I love graphics! Memes! I am not however skilled at making my own so when I find something that resonates with me and I feel share worthy I select memes that have attribution to source within the graphic.  I hope you like this weeks featured image.  Last weeks were mine, but since I don’t know any dragons I found an appropriate image on the web.


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