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I’m not a certified counselor, no degree in psychology. I do however have multiple years of healthcare education experience  for persons with chronic diseases. Reasons why people do not give themselves the self care they deserve varies & eye opening in regards to the human condition. I do not claim or intend for my blog to be taken as professional advice.

 Here’s a glimpse of who I am:

Muser, author, and soon to be publisher of inspiration, motivation and wisdom.
I’m keenly observant. INFJ Meyers-Briggs personality type. I’ve had my dark night of the soul and learned that healing is found within. Reformed church goer who now knows its all about LOVE. Love is the key, answer and secret to life. During my healing journey I spent hours upon hours of time scouring all manner of scientific, personal developement, sacred and religious text searching for answers. So simple…it all comes down to love, how we give it and show it…as well as RECEIVE. We must love ourselves in order to love others.
I love to uplift, motivate, and inspire people. Helping them see themselves as an expression of divine perfection. I’m a giver by nature and this blog is one of my ways of giving back. Paying it forward.
My content will vary but it will almost always revolve around love and driving that message home.
I’m a grateful mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend. My gift to all is sharing some insights I’ve learned in an effort to change the world for our children and future generations.
No politics or religious division here.
I am working hard on some exciting projects! I extend love, light, and infinite gratitude to you for joining on the next chapter of our lives: Moving forward in Love!
All are welcome. Love is the key.  Use it. 

Love won.

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