Fear is an Illusion

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.”  1965, Frank Hebert author of Dune,

Hours and hours have I spent in deep study and contemplation.  When you answer the call to search out the mysteries of life, it’s pretty safe to assume you will get to know rabbit holes.  Some are deeper than others.  I believe it is safe to say there are some that the bottom won’t be found….elusive.  Turning over the stones is part of the process.  I love looking under them and finding the gem I’ve been looking for!

I’m still reading and researching.  I won’t stop learning and growing…ever.

One thing I do know, fear is an illusion.

Dangers are real but fear is merely illusion.

Tuning into and flowing in love and letting love carry you through life dissolves the illusion.  Realizing how perfect and complete love is and that it is the very source of Source you carry in your body and being simply dissolves the illusion of fear.

“Perfect love cast out all fear.”  1 John 4:18

And it’s the truth!  So why do we fear anyway?  Why do we choose to live in fear as opposed to love?  All the while we profess to be people of love?

Maybe it’s that until we fully realize the completeness of love we can’t see through the illusion?

Maybe it’s that we are not really loving ourselves and receiving love?

Maybe it’s that we are harboring hate somewhere within our being that perpetuates the illusion?

The antidote is love.  Agape.

The key to actualizing this within yourself is taking self inventory:

Have I  forgiven myself?

Do I love myself?

Are my wounds healed? Am I lashing out at others from a wounded place in my soul?

It’s all energy.

Focus on being of service to others to heal.  The positive you float out flows back to you when done from a genuine place of compassion to yourself and others.  Be sure you are receiving the love you give as well.

I’m sharing with you all where my inner journey took me.  And it’s not over!! It just keeps getting better! I healed completely and am now in a place where I can help others!!

Funny story and one of my “ah-ha’s” to learning about illusions

I went to Las Vegas for a work meeting. I loved the Criss Angel show. Being in Vegas, I was  determined to take in his show. I stayed at the Luxor where he performs so it was on! I was going!

I went by myself.  Ticket in hand, I chose an aisle seat as close to the front as I could possibly get- I wanted to see everything! I felt like a kid going to my first movie.

Spectacular show!

Stage design and costumes…wow just wow!

Mind bending illusions!!

Midway through the show, curtains closed, lights down low…Criss is center stage talking to the us.  The place is quiet…like it’s in a void quiet…we are all hanging on his every word.

He has our complete intentions and energy focused on him.


In my face is the creepiest, scariest human size white rabbit I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!! The only human size white rabbit I’ve ever seen…lol…  Nose to NOSE!!

I screamed the type of scream that gives horror flicks street cred. My scream echoed through out the auditorium.  And to say the least startled the folks sitting in my area.

I had interrupted Criss while he was talking.  Momentary pause and a smile, he resumed the show while I sat there turning 20 different shades of red and my heart pounding.  I wanted to sink under the chair and hide.

I laugh as I write this.  It’s a good memory.

And so my story translates to life and it’s many mysteries.  Things in life are not always as they seem.  Things happen for a reason. Unless you are there and you are involved you just don’t really know and even then…you still may not have the WHOLE story.  So it isn’t for any of us to say or judge- it’s best not to judge anything you do not understand.  Just do you and take care of you and the space you hold and live a life of love and be at peace. Live in the manner that is right for you.  Give back the love you receive.

I was formerly chicken little. The sky isn’t falling.  I investigated.

Changes are happening though every where you turn. Change isn’t something to fear.  It’s just change. And it all comes down to energy.

Don’t be in fear though.  Let the fears you have dissolve.  We are all connected, staying and living in fear only reinforces the veil of perceived division.


Don’t tell me I can google how Criss Angel does his illusions, big smile! I don’t want to know! The magic is real!


Now that we know fear is an illusion.  We have to open ourselves up to take in more love.  To quote the name of another great blog- Widen your perspective.  Tons of great info on that page.

Love is love. Period.

There’s not one love for one religion and a different love designated for another. There’s not a fake love out there either.  Love is love.  Don’t obstruct it’s flow.

One LOVE.  That’s all there is, and it flows to all and through all.

The same for light and energy.  It’s the same in each of us, each of you.  It’s the same light and energy flowing in those whose opinions you don’t agree with as flows through you…

Picture this

Think of a pie chart. 3D. 

You’re looking at it from above.  Each of the world’s religions have a slice of the pie, as well as atheist and agnostics. World political groups are there too.  Everyone. You and me…Humanity.  Our collective.  Collective consciousness.

Now,  think about love, light and energy from our Creator, God, Source.  It’s one Source.  One light. One love.  Radiating to and through all.  Simultaneously.

Perspective.  It’s all about perspective.

We are moving in to amazing times.  It’s already dawned.  Nothing to fear whatsoever, it is however crucial to lean into love and live it.

Choose love.

Love already won.


Thank you for returning with me!! I pray I have been helpful.  I’m honored for all the connections, likes and shares across social media!!   Sending you all the love you’ve shown me!


Infinite love and gratitude!


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