Purpose and FAQ’s

The world has changed

For the better.  Everyday humanity shows more and more goodwill and love towards each other.   It’s going to keep getting better too, the future is NOW.

This blog is for you regardless what label/s you identify with in life.  This page promotes love, gratitude, peace and goodwill toward one another.  What can there possibly be to argue about love, gratitude, peace and goodwill?  There isn’t.  Realizing this AND living the message within ourselves is how we become the change we want to see in this world.  Changing yourself IS changing the world.  

The intent of this blog is to present concepts regarding the energy and light we all have in common in a practical manner.  The reality is we are connected energetically: individual, familial, regional, global,, and ancestral.  On collective and corporate levels. Knowledge is power.  Learning about these processes and how to be mindful of your own energy will not only heal you and make your world a better place but will do so for all of us that call this planet home.

We each have said, tomorrow will be better.  Maybe next year will be better.  By doing so we have kept deferring our future hope off to a later date.

NOW is the time.  Learn to live in the NOW and be like water.

The purpose of this blog is to spread love everywhere. Babies are not born knowing how to hate, but they are born fully skilled at loving- both giving and receiving LOVE.

I am grateful for all readers and subscribers of this blog.

I challenge you to see the good in others.  Especially when you feel irritated, impatient and like judging others, especially then! I’ll  be writing about the why and more, but here are the main nuggets I want to give you, to all of humanity:

  1. LOVE yourself so you can fully love others.  There is a difference between love and lust. I’m referring to unconditional, agape kind of love.
  2. Forgive yourself, doing this makes it easier to forgive others! Try it! Bad things happen to good people all the time, the reasons are varied and expounding on those reasons doesn’t take the hurt away.  However, the truth is, in order to heal, you must forgive and that includes NOT only the one/ones who hurt you, it also includes yourself.
  3. Live a life of love.  Unconditional love. Be a peacemaker! Speak life, love, peace, and kind words into your situations, every area.  This is part of the healing process.  Living in NOW.   Living in the present.  Be sure you receive the love too!
  4. Cease and desist judging others. Period. You don’t know where they are coming from or what has happened to them in life.  Nobody appreciates being judged. It does not contribute to the healing process.
  5. Personal accountability.  Own your actions.  Learn from your mistakes and grow!  Trust me…I’ve made a few in my lifetime.  They are all learning experiences and we grow and are better for them after we commit to learning.
  6. Teach your children to LOVE.  See your children with the eyes of our Creator, Source and teach them to see others in this way also. Teach them to see what connects us rather than what divides us.

In a nutshell, those bullets are being the change you want to see in the world.  Really living it.  Not just quoting it.

I follow no religion.  Yet I am a person of Faith! It’s all about energy and what you send out. I’ve pondered over the years why it appears there is a divide between science and spiritual matters.  They need not be at odds.  That gap is closing NOW too.

Consciousness is expanding.

I was in the church.  Sunday school teacher, Wednesday night teacher and all.  I love and still have many friends and acquaintances I hold in high regard in the church.  I’m not telling anyone to leave or even trying to suggest they should.  I am promoting that  the time is over to needlessly be at odds with one another.  I have to walk my path. Each of us do. I still know Jesus quite well. (wink) I love everyone!

I am an AVID reader.  I’ll update my recommended reading list soon with books that changed my life.

I challenge you to see another’s  perspective.  Perspective is subjective.

I would love to connect with you on social media!

My religion is love.  This is not a religious blog.  I’ll ask a lot of questions to promote self introspection of the reader.

No religious or political divisions here.

There will be lighthearted post too!

You don’t need a guru or a preacher. All you need is you and found within you. You are the help you’ve been waiting for.

Love is the key, secret, and answer to life.  Use it.

Infinite love and gratitude


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