Cloud Busting

Look in the mirror before you read this.

This is a personal note from me to you.  This note is for me as well.  Though we don’t know each other, or may never meet it’s to you.  I release love, gratitude and good intentions to all who read this post.

Cut yourself some slack.  Stop being so hard on yourself.

Time to regroup.

No but….BUT!  None of those.   Those are rarely if ever valid.

You have to come to know that everything you need to succeed in life is 100 % within you NOW.  Now is all there ever is or will be.

Questions for you

What is holding you back?


What have YOU BEEN giving permission to hold you back?

I said that right.

What have YOU BEEN giving permission to hold YOU back?

What have you given consent to hold you back?

Mistakes? Haters?  Lack of support? Lack of resources?  Lack in general?

Let’s narrow it down…

Don’t say another time, “I would if…” Ban that from you speech and thought processes.

No more, “You don’t understand…” either…Gone.  Ditch it too.

Look in the mirror again, point at yourself.

Cliché alert~

Be careful where you point your finger,  there are three pointing back at you…

We all know how that cliché has been used historically.  Always negative.  It’s stood the test of time in cliché-dom because it’s valid.  Why don’t we start using it in a positive way?

It’s the one you see in the mirror, that’s why the cliché is so valid. It’s the reason why we shouldn’t judge others and dismiss another human as somehow below us.  Or regard ourselves as better than others.  All the negativity in it’s various forms are actually acts of self harm in my humble opinion.

(Gentle reminder and disclaimer I am not a mental health professional and I am merely sharing my belief and perspectives.  My birds eye view of the world and humanity.  Speaking mostly in an energetic sense, because at the end of the day…it’s all energy.  Positive, negative,  indifferent. Counseling by a licensed professional is a wonderful tool in your toolkit on your path to healing.)

I’ll tackle a few of the examples thrown my way to deny ownership of life and the direction it goes. There was a time, I used some of  them as excuses myself.   I’m a recovered blamer.  I’ve been healed for awhile now. A long while.  Learning to rule myself.

Ownership of your own actions is a beautiful thing!!

I often ponder that the purpose and meaning of life is personal accountability. Learning to rule yourself. Heal yourself. Love is the key. Use it.  (More on personal accountability in future post..)


(I hear Sinatra while I’m typing this paragraph…seriously.  I love ol’ Blue Eyes. )

I’ve made a few myself. Big ones and small ones.  Pretty much in every area of life learning.  Emphasis on LIFE LEARNING.

I’m open to learning so no doubt there may be more in my future. I’m human.  It’s human.  I’ve been seeing a meme float around…and it’s spot on:

So you made one?  Are you the first person to make one?  Are you the last person to make a mistake?  The complexities of the mistake matter not one iota. Well, maybe they do…bigger lesson to learn from bigger mistakes.  Why don’t we re-frame mistakes?  Show case the silver lining! Share the gem we learned with others and build each other up.  The meme speaks to winning and losing, but no denying it’s appropriateness here.  I’m not saying run out there and make them to find the lessons. That would not be the common sense thing to do.  Mistakes are sneaky little boogers that happen on their own and in their own timing.  I believe they are course work in life.

Maybe the lesson gets bigger and harder to learn the more times we refuse to be personally accountable?

As the saying goes…pride goes before the fall.  (Bible)

Genuine humility is key. 

In general- learn the lesson, avoid the mistake again.


Cut yourself some slack…stop being so hard on yourself.

What’s next?  Haters?


May or may not have come from your mistake or mistakes.

They try to bring drama to your life.  Try to.  Don’t mine. Not anymore.

Have you thought about this-

Maybe they are just negatively oriented persons that haven’t healed?  Maybe they are walking around with unhealed wounds? Wounds they may have not even named or spoken of out loud?

Maybe rather than healing those wounds and tending to their own space they get energy for themselves by stirring up drama in other peoples lives? Looking for the next juicy gossip train to jump in and dog pile somebody going through some stuff?  Rather than deal with their own “stuff”.  Because that’s the path of least resistance. Pack mentality.

Maybe it’s low self confidence and they get jealous when they see others do well?

Maybe they are addicted to negative energy and don’t even realize it?  Or maybe they don’t realize any of what I just said?

As long as there are biters on that hook they will be happy and feel “satisfied”… Misery loves company and they don’t want to be alone.  For whatever reason, they don’t want to heal yet.  Likely they may not even realize how to heal, admit or perceive for themselves they are not whole, or that they even need to heal for that matter.

They were all babies at one time.  We all were.  None of them knew at one time in their life how to be so hateful to other people.  Things happened in their lives to make them this way.  I pray they find healing, and realize how negatively treating others is actually hurting themselves.  Energy, remember.  What they send out is return to sender.  Like a boomerang.

There are a few people scattered about in undisclosed locations in America that used bring me out to chew on from time to time. I believe Jesus said to pray for them.  I do. I pray that their eyes will be opened.  That they will perceive how connected we all are.  Choose love, building up instead of tearing apart and tearing down.  I pray they see the countless reasons in their life to be grateful.  Above all choose love. All religions concur love is ultimate. Atheist and agnostics love too…ponder for yourself a moment, why all the hate?

So cut yourself some slack. You deserve to receive the love you give in return. (HINT: You have to receive the love too...)

And since we are being honest with ourselves, haven’t we all at one time or another and in varying degrees played the part of hater in someone else’s life?  I did.  I chose to heal, I chose to become whole, I chose to rise above.

I chose love.

What do you choose?

Now reflect once again on haters with the above perspective.

I love them!   100% LOVE them!!!

Loving them doesn’t mean you have to keep up with them and their world. Forgive everyone, everything. (Including and especially yourself! Are you your own hater? I was formerly my biggest hater of all.) There are times forgiving is easier said than done.  Forgiving someone, and loving them doesn’t mean you have to go be besties. Unless you want to!   Follow?

Love them.  Forgive them.  Live and let live…in love.

You want to know the secret to banning drama in your life?  I’ll tell you…

Don’t engage drama. Don’t participate in drama. Don’t feed the drama.

Don’t feed the drama!!

Stop engaging drama if you’re experiencing it and stand back and watch how FAST it ceases to affect YOU.

Who cares what they say?  Who cares about their opinion of you?  I don’t.  You shouldn’t.  It doesn’t affect you or mean anything to you or me.  They are the only ones that what they say and judge about others  matters too.

You’re sending out love and good energy?  You got that coming back to you…got that circuit open and flowing.  Shake it off…forget about it. (Wink)

Perspective.  It’s all about perspective.

Drama will get bored with you and move on.

Pray for them and release love to them, they will find their foot on the path to healing and wholeness too.

Maybe haters making themselves known in your life are really hurting souls asking for prayer and love  from a subconscious level?

Valid points to think about.

When you’re being baited,  keep your foot on the High Road.  Strive to be your best self and connect with your higher self.

Cut yourself some slack.


End of hater story.


What’s next?

Lack of support?  Lack in general?


This is where the “I would if” and “I can’t” , “but” and “you don’t understand” comes into play.  Actually they kind of all three come into play with the previous one too…

People are wanting and  waiting for some type of support.  Be it financial or  emotional.  They don’t realize all they have within them to get on the path and live the life they want.  I’m not talking about material things, although that certainly comes into play to some degree.

Are they giving themselves the support they seek from others?  Are you giving and showing yourself what you seek from others?  Compassion, understanding, respect, and love? Forgiveness?

I’m just going to put this out here-

You are not entitled to anything. You can not place entitlement on another for something you are not willing to work for yourself or GIVE to yourself.  You have all you need within you.  No one is entitled to give you anything.  People give out of love and when they perceive love coming from you.  This is building each other up, healing ourselves is healing each other. Ripple effect. Envision this on a global scale.  It’s a process. Follow?

Placing entitlement on others for things you won’t do for yourself is trying to put ownership of your life and actions on other people. 

Maybe you have a vision for a huge project and you never would start it because you just didn’t feel emotionally supported by your significant other, partner, spouse, family member or friends?

Don’t let that hold you back!!!!!

They may not see the vision in all it’s grandeur like you do…YET.  Or maybe they won’t EVER.  So what!  It’s not their vision it’s yours!!

Maybe you’re prone to negative self talk and you keep yourself down?  That can be remedied!  Read my post, “How to Tame your Dragon” 

Cease this very moment comparing yourself to others.  The only person I compare myself to is who I was yesterday with a goal for being a better me today.  NOW.

Maybe you’re broke?  YEP! That can be remedied too!!

You start where you are, and with what you have.  Write down the vision and plans you have.  Write down the main goal you want to accomplish.  Under that write the action steps you’ll take to get to the big goal.

There are studies on this.  Google them.  Studies have shown that writing out goals, plans and ways you want to succeed creates a link in the brain.  Be sure to use, “I am, I will, I have”  You set yourself up for success.  I’ve done it myself and attest to its effectiveness.


Invest in your own personal development!! Read books and blogs that make you take stock and look inward.  Heal, grow strong and start sharing! Be the change.

Sure, there will be hiccups.  Glitches.  How you react to glitches and your attitude is everything. 100%.  (I think hiccups are part of the learning course too. Attitude checks.  Wink)

You are LOVED! You love others and you must love yourself also. You are entitled to receive the love you give.  Give yourself love, compassion, respect and most importantly forgive yourself. 



Look in the mirror again and point at yourself.

Notice the three fingers pointing back at you.

You can do it!

You got this!

Cut yourself some slack because love has already won!

Now is all there is.  Be grateful. Be the change.

Changing yourself is actually how you change the world.

Part 2 for this blog post coming soon!


Shout out to new subscribers, followers, and likes on the EBS Facebook page!! It’s all about you!! It’s all for you!!  I’m truly grateful to connect with everyone and for everyone to realize how connected we are.

What I posted today wasn’t what I had originally planned but it adds to where we are going with this. I had to interrupt because I felt we needed a reminder of  how great and fully equipped we are for this place called life.  I see you rockin’ out that space you hold!!  We’ve been holding light, and sharing love.

Time to go supernova!

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I am receiving some very kind words from you all and just want to say thank you!! We are in this together!  I’m humbled and honored to receive your feedback.


Infinite love and gratitude





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