Bridge building and Oh yes, the NFL

Time travel on today’s agenda, buckle up…here we go!

In a land not so far away, in the space you now hold on our planet from where ever you are reading this post. And an incredibly long time ago. We were in a thriving culture. Clear blue skies, pristine climate and oceans, lushness of vegetation everywhere the eye could see. Humanity existed in peace with one another, regardless of individual beliefs. However brief or long a time that is was ago and lasted, be sure that at that moment in time-peace and love reigned.

Stay there and meditate on this for a few…

Then suddenly, and without warning that “bridge” we knew connected each of us fell from our remembrance. We simply forgot. Just like that. It was gone, though not forever. We forgot how connected we are to each other and everything around us. How intricately designed our system is and balanced.

In place of honoring the connection and offering respect to others we see as ourselves ideologies and religions rose and began to divide humanity. The struggle for absolute truth and which religion or ideology it was to be found in it brought with it wars and human suffering. Wars that spread the earth like wildfire. Fueled by greed. Multiplying division and hate everyplace the feet of war touched. We no longer saw ourselves in the eyes of others. We perceived everyone around us as different and only extended understanding and acceptance to those who thought and held the same beliefs as our own. Different was not accepted. And it all got passed down to the children of each new generation, children learned divisive thought processes from their parents….from generation to generation. On and on…We learned to live lives of fear and hate rather than love and peace.

Here we are today. Welcome back to the present.

Take heart!
We will be a peaceful people on this planet again.
We are NOW.

The bridge is being built as you read, has been for years, centuries! And it is very near completion!
Human consciousness is and has been expanding. Reconnecting us. Divine reboot of sorts. Wink.

Along with this we remember how connected we are, that we are in reality one, and see ourselves in the eyes of others. As this continues humanity turns loose of those things that cause division and refuse to let themselves be divided another day, hour, or minute.

This blog is my contribution to building the bridge. I invite you to join in the work!
Our global society is making huge leaps and bounds in bridging gaps, but the work is not done.

Where to start?
I chose the image for today’s post, the quote by Aldous Huxley. One of my favorite authors. No truer words have been spoken for a beginning in my humble opinion-

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is your own self.”

A word of caution here, all has to be done in LOVE. This is imperative.

Everyone that holds space on our home called earth deserves equal rights. Human and Civil rights. This is not accomplished by violence, divisive language and hate.

The future is today, now. The future IS NOW. Now is all there is.

Remember the quote-
“Raise your words, not your voice”

Check your intention. Check your energy.
You want to make real change? You want to REALLY be the change you want to see in this world? Really live it?
Make sure your energy is in the right place, it’s a win for everyone. L O V E.

Everywhere you look today, there are conflicting ideologies clashing. Actions done in LOVE bring change.
I fully believe the clashing is on the decline, and that in reality the clashing has been labor pains. I’ve been in on delivery of new-born babies. It can get tense. It can be rough. It’s messy. It hurts! I’ve labored with the birth pangs of my angel!  But when the angel arrives love takes over and tears dry up. Then the tears of utter joy flow when you stare into their eyes for the first time and realize what agape is all about…it was building when you carried them, just fully realized when your angel arrives.

I have an example.

It’s been a hot topic the last few days. Intentionally, I avoid watching too much news. Too much negativity. When I do watch the news, I watch channels that historically oppose each other. I find the same negativity on both channels. Although, if you listen carefully valid points of concern for each view are presented, but mostly just negativity so I turn it off.

By the way- I challenge you to consume news from conflicting points of view. Junk the negative rhetoric and glean the valid points of beliefs different from your own. This is building the big picture and seeing it. Appreciating those whose beliefs differ from your own.

Without further delay…I’ll get to it…

NFL controversy and the National Anthem.

Players refusing to stand for the National observance. Quite the uproar stirred up at the Titans game.
I have to tell you, I understand the motive for the action of the NFL players. Also, as you will come to expect from me I am able to understand points by those so upset about the kneeling players. I judge neither and send love to all.

I didn’t watch all of the Cowboys Cardinals game. I basically just watched the anthem part to observe what happened.
(I’m not a huge NFL fan anyway. College football, that’s another story! SEC Saturday’s in my home!)

Here’s what I observed from my perspective:

  1. Huge controversy escalated the issue when the all players kneeled at the Titans game.

  2. For the Cowboys Cardinals game…The players stood and locked arms in solidarity.

Did you see it too? Do you see where I am going with this??
I jumped up when I saw the players standing and locking arms!

What we witnessed was healing in action, in real-time.

From my perspective it was an acknowledgement from the players to the opposing view, saying, “we get why you’re upset, here is our step towards a common ground-we love of our country too, and this is a step in love.” I think it’s rightful and just for people to really try to understand the “WHY” behind their actions (NFL players).

In my humble opinion, the players standing and locking arms in solidarity for the Cowboys Cardinals game is a step on the High Road! A step towards finding a common ground. I applaud them and celebrate taking the High Road everywhere I find it. Just so happens I found it at the start of an NFL game this day.
The way I see it, the ball is in the opposing court now to also take that step on the High Road. I challenge them to research and understand the “why”. I think many understand the upset of those by kneeling during the national anthem. I respect military. I have had many family members serve. I absolutely love my country. I, like many also understand why players choose to kneel.

I won’t pick a side. It’s just not in me to do so.

I send love and good energy to all, please join me in doing so. Not just for what’s going on and fueling the NFL controversy, there’s so much going on in our world. The world needs love. Start releasing love everywhere.

Don’t fall into the fear trap. Fear is an illusion. Perfect love case out all fear. Wink.

Get your cool head on. Suit up and get out here! We need you!
I don’t know about you, but I am not warming the bench of life. Period.

Cool heads will prevail and take steps towards a common ground. Cool heads will realize how connected we all are and show respect for others and sacredness of life in all.
Cool heads don’t judge. Cool heads understand. Cool heads perceive the same light within them IS the same light in another regardless of beliefs.

It’s the same light that shines on all and within all.

“If you build it, they will come” Field of Dreams

And they will, they are, we are, you are…


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Much love and gratitude!!

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The future IS today, now.

The future IS NOW. Now is all there is.
You have in your power to make NOW full of love, peace, joy and happiness. Be grateful.
Do it. Pass it on. Share it everywhere.
Hold on to that thought…
Until next time…know that LOVE WON…
Infinite love and gratitude to all



*image credit for this post: source –  I found it  on Pinterest with “Marketing Your Art the Right Way” *   By the way, interesting article! Author is right on!  I recommend reading their post. Print available on Storenvy.






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